0165 - In which Lee and Zoa rehearse for a play. - 2020.11.30



That must be one heck of a play.

By the way, yes, that is Pamela Zimmerman and Quip Bruncklemeyer from Lee's philosophy class earlier today. Hangin' out in the apartment lobby, discussing Socrates, like you do.


Hey, you all know I post a bunch of art to FurAffinity, right? Well, most of my stuff isn't furry, and I know some people are hesitant to go to a furry site, so I also made a DeviantArt and a PillowFort. In theory, there's also my Tumblr, but given their restrictions on adult material, I don't post there very often. Of course, the best way to keep tabs on me is by checking my Twitter, my after-dark Twitter, or by checking out my weekly Picarto streams (every Monday, 11am-11pm Eastern).

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0165 - 2167/07/06/16:13 - hallway outside Lee's apartment.
[Zoa is calmly walking away, not acknowledging Lee's existence]
LC: Zoa! Zoa, cancel last order! I didn't mean it!
LC: Zoa, I'm sorry, please, come back!
LC (walking alongside Zoa): Zoa, I'm sorry if working with me isn't profitable! I'm sorry if you don't like me!
LC: Look, I don't know if I can do this without you!
[passing Quip Bruncklemeyer and Pamela Zimmerman in the mezzanine]
QB: Uh... are you okay, dude?
LC: Yes, yes, sorry, just...
LC: We're rehearsing for a play.
LC: Never mind. Sorry. Sorry. Ignore us. Ignore me.
[QB and PZ shrug to each other]
LC: Zoa! Please, I'll let you suck my dick as much as you want, I swear, just come back!

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