0282 - How do you mean? - 2023.02.27



It is arguable whether or not Lee has been making any progress as a person over the course of Forward. (To be fair, thus far, it's been about a day and a half, so it'd be weird if their personality had shifted especially dramatically at this point.)

I do think Lee is showing remarkable restraint, though, in how they're reacting to Zoa's story. There have been versions of Lee Caldavera who would have been yelling by this point. It is, no doubt, to their credit that they're asking questions about why and how Zoa came up with the story it did, instead of immediately lashing back at a perceived insult.


0282 - 2167/07/07/02:29 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, bedroom
LC: Y'know, Zoa, I didn't know you could be passive-aggressive like that.
Zoa: How do you mean?
LC: What do you mean "how do I mean"? I mean your story is just a long meandering complaint about me!
Zoa: I... I don't know what you're talking about.
LC: Oh, please. I'm the spoiled princex with the fickle moods, you're the competent peasant, the college is Stragalex, Doc is Wiz, Orb is the knight, Caleb is the jester. Weird casting, by the way, making the soldier a jester and not a knight.
Zoa: Lee, I... I mean, yeah, now that you point it out, it's obvious, but you have to believe me - I legitimately had no idea that I was doing that.
LC: Really.
Zoa: Yes, really! I in no way intended to tell a story that was about us!
LC: I thought you said you don't have a subconscious, that you can trace all the reasons for why you do things.
Zoa: I don't! And I can! That's why this is so weird! I can literally show you proof that I wasn't pulling from my memory for that plot!
LC: Okay, so if you know why you do things, why did the story go the way it went?
Zoa: To be engaging and make you happy!
LC: ...which is intended to make me like you, right?
Zoa: Granted, it doesn't currently appear to be working that way...