0352 - A comforting warmth. - 2024.07.01



I would just like to point out that Zoa is carrying all that water on its chest, as well as Lee's ornamental bag, Lee's hoverboots, and a nonzero amount of Lee themself, all without slowing down or altering its gait. Zoa is quick, Zoa is smart, Zoa is strong, Zoa is mostly hollow, and most of what Zoa does is either invisible or ignored. In a world without safeguards, machines like Zoa could eliminate our species almost instantly.

Of course, all of that is true of cars, too.

By the way, that number is 531.


0352– 2167/07/07/11:05- sidewalk
LC: Well, at least it’s not as blazing hot as it was this time yesterday. That water’s gonna feel reeeeal nice on my feet, though.
Zoa: Don’t count on it, babe, I’m servin’ this shit up at thirty-eight Celsius.
LC: Thirty-eight, really? Are your boobs acting as a heat sink?
Zoa: Nah, that’s human body temperature. Humans like it when their prospective sexual partners feel like they’re alive. I usually keep these puppies nice and warm for folks, along with most of my phatex skin, I’m surprised you didn’t notice.
LC: And projecting a human’s body temperature doesn’t count as impersonation?
Zoa: It might, if my internal computer bits weren’t separately cooled with liquid nitrogen that I compress out of the atmosphere. On average, I’m fifteen degrees.
Zoa: Well, normally fifteen degrees. With this much thermal mass I’m luggin’ around, it’s more like twenty, but that’s still below the limit!
LC: Wow, you have to keep track of a lot of things, huh?
Zoa: Hey, you think that’s impressive, try to guess how many separate processes are running right now that prevent me from pushing you into traffic.
Zoa: Go on, guess! I’ll give you a hint: it’s a three digit number!
LC: If I say “more than I would have assumed, but less than I’d like”, does that count as a guess?