Heck yes I take commissions. I love doing commissions! It doesn't have to be art related to Forward - I'm not picky and my rates are reasonable!

One humanoid figure: $50.00
Additional characters in the same image: +$40 each
Simple accessories (hat, staff, gun, etc.): free of charge!
Tougher stuff (bicycle, specific model of gun, etc.): +$30 each
Simple background (beach, outer space, clean bedroom, etc.): +$40
Tougher background (factory, messy bedroom, etc.): +$60
Full comic page (if cheaper/easier than tabulating each panel separately): +$200

All prices are given in US dollars (I take Paypal). Although I have no problem drawing porn (even the weird kinky stuff), I reserve the right to decline any request for any reason. Go ahead and send an email to tailsteak [at] hotmail [dot] com for more details, tell me what you're interested in!

Now, normally, I have themes for the month that cut the price of the art in half, but this month is special. I think most people have agreed that April Fools is cancelled this year for obvious reasons, but I still enjoy people surprising each other in positive ways. Thus, for any commission requested in the month of April 2021, you can get your art at 50% off (as little as $25!) if it's art that you're getting as a surprise for someone else!

(And hey, as always, if you don't want to bother with that restriction, signing up for my Patreon at $10/mo or higher gets you that discount regardless.)

If you're not sure about something, feel free to ask - I'm flexible and open to suggestions!

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