Forward Art by other people - Safe for Work

Zoa - bust shot - This shot of Zoa is by Strype, who knows his robots! 2017.11.09

Lee - portrait - A portrait of Lee by Seth Triggs. Very comfortable-looking. 2017.11.23

Zoa - portrait - A portrait of Zoa by Seth Triggs. Out on the streets! 2017.11.30

Lee - in bed - Lee in bed by Seth Triggs. Ennui level: Maximum. 2017.12.08

Lee - watching shows - Lee watching some media. Seth Triggs. Fortunately, in 2167, you don't have to worry about eye strain from sitting too close to the screen... 2018.02.15

Forward promo - This was actually a (very delayed) Christmas present from my friend Serena! 2018.02.20

Lee - fan shirt - Another piece by Seth Triggs, of Lee showing their fan pride! 2018.05.10

Zoa - shopping - Yet another piece by Seth Triggs, of Zoa looking for new clothes. 2018.05.24

Zoa - kneeling - This was a commission from JamesAB, of Zoa letting us know what it will and will not do for credits. 2018.08.20

Zoa and Lee - This was fanart from Erin Ptah, who draws the webcomic Leif And Thorn, which you should read! 2018.08.30

Zoa closeup - This was fanart for my birthday from Missy Merlin, who draws a whole lot of comics! 2018.10.05

Lee - upwards - This is a nice headshot of Lee from Seth Triggs. 2018.10.18

Lee - anxious - This is a fullbody sketch of Lee from CurioScuro. 2019.03.23

Lee - pretty - This pic from Seth Triggs is topless, but I think it belongs up here. 2019.04.18

Lee - legs - Lee's legs, by Seth Triggs. 2019.05.24/p>

Lee - more beauty - Y'know, I'm starting to think Seth Triggs really likes Lee. 2019.06.27

Caleb - plaza - Here's a Caleb from Seth Triggs... 2019.08.08

Orb in class - ...then an Orb from Seth Triggs... 2019.08.08

Patricia portrait - ...and a Patricia from Seth Triggs. 2019.08.08

Lee - more legs - Seth Triggs drew Lee showing off their legs. 2019.08.22

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Forward Art by other people - Not Safe for Work

Zoa - tits - This piece is by Ein, before Forward even launched! 2017.08.25

Do Androids Suck Off Electric Sheep? - This bit of fanart about Zoa being put to use is by Gildedtongue! 2018.09.03

Lee - penis POV - Lee showing us the goods, from Seth Triggs. 2019.04.18

Lee - inverted blowjob - Lee with a cock in their mouth, from HayleyPetHarley. 2019.05.12

Lee - curled up - Lee looking pensive, by Seth Triggs. 2019.08.01

After Class - A piece of fiction from Jim Nickabocker. What if, instead of Lee and Zoa, it were the cast of Roll To Save? 2019.08.23

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