Lots of stuff to buy!

There's Bang, it's a novel about a woman named Sandra and the end of the world. Sorta.

There's also The Paladin's Guide to Life, The Rogue's Guide to Life and The Barbarian's Guide to Life, those are illustrated motivational life advice books with a fantasy theme.

Of course, if you don't particularly care about the physical copy, and just want to read them, you could sign up to be a Patreon patron, and you'd get access to the pdfs at no additional cost!

There's also shirts and prints through Dodeca System Games. Right now, they're just Leftover Soup-related stuff, but I may create some Forward-related merch there eventually.

If you have ideas for stuff you'd like to buy from me, don't hesitate to let me know. And hey, don't forget I take commissions!

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