0010 - Five Senses - 2017.12.11



I'm going to be honest - although I knew I wanted to make a webcomic set in the future, my vision of Forward didn't start crystalizing until the phrase "legally, I'm a vending machine" popped into my head. All the rock candy formed around that single sentence.

So yes, this robot is an autonomous nonspecified service provider; a mechanical day-labourer, if you will. In theory, you could rent it to rub your back or prepare your lunch or mow your lawn. In practice, it primarily gives blowjobs.

And yes, by the way, Lee does happen to have a fully functioning penis. Like the vast majority of people in this post-bio-gender setting, Lee uses the pronouns "they/them". If this clashes with your present-day understanding of gender, I assure you, that's intentional. After all, Forward is set about a century and a half into the future. Consider how much your current views on sexuality and gender may seem alien or offensive or even incomprehensible to someone from 150 years in the past. If my work provokes that same reaction in my present-day audience, then I figure I'm futuring correctly.


0010 - 2167/07/05/18:04 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, main entrance
LC: So you're a sexbot?
Zoa: This unit is an autonomous nonspecified service provider. Legally, I'm a vending machine.
LC: And you go door to door offering to perform sex acts on people in exchange for money?
Zoa: Preeeeetty much just fellatio at the moment. I mean, you're welcome to jam your weiner into the vacant slot between my hip servos if you really want, but I don't recommend it. Lots of hard edges and moving parts down there.
LC: I'm not sure why you're even assuming I have a penis. Traditionally, this sort of feminine appearance is associated with anatomical concavity.
Zoa: Oh trust me, sweetheart, I've got a fifth sense for weiner.
Zoa: And darlin', you are packing.
LC: Fifth sense?
Zoa (gesturing to its mouth): No taste.
LC: Well, you are pretty tasteless.