0101 - Policy changes - 2019.09.09



Zoa doesn't have to cock its head to the side and stare off into the middle distance when sending or receiving information, of course. It also doesn't need to make facial expressions or move its lips or gesture while speaking. Presentation is important.


0101 - 2167/07/06/12:35 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC: Well, motivated or not, I suppose we should go ahead with the gamified learn-
Zoa: Oop, hang on - policy just changed at Rosenthal College.
LC: What?
Zoa: School administrators can now give direct orders to AIs on campus, up to and including self-destruction or turning their resources over to the faculty, regardless of whether or not there's an emergency, regardless of who owns the AI.
LC: It's that Patricia person!
Zoa: Seems so. Hell of a power grab. Informing DemeGeek now, DemeGeek's informing other robotic subcontractors...
LC: What are we going to do? You can't go on camp-
Zoa: Aaaand Rosenthal College no longer has janitors, security, you can't get deliveries to or from...
Zoa: Aaaand the policy change is reversed.
LC: That was... efficient.
Zoa: Wonders of modern bureaucracy. Make bigger mistakes faster.