0103 - Flexibility - 2019.09.23



You often hear stories of AI solving problems in very efficient ways that aren't the way they're supposed to. One that I heard recently was a simulation of a plane landing that was supposed to minimize turbulence, but discovered fairly quickly that if it just crashed the plane as hard as it could, the amount of "turbulence" was 0, so that was outputted as the best answer.

In the future, many kinks like that have been ironed out. They had to be, to allow general purpose humanoid automatons to wander about unsupervised, let alone to interact with human genitalia. In a world of rules and technicalities, though, the ability to think laterally is a survival mechanism that will, inevitably, be selected for.

Fortunately, Zoa understands enough about the real world not to crash planes.

Whether a human can inadvertently order it to crash a plane is another matter.


0103 - 2167/07/06/12:37 - Rosenthal College, Orb Twofeather's office
OT [data connection]: Look, Zoa, can I talk to Lee real quick?
Zoa [data connection]: You are. I'm authorized to communicate on Mzr. Caldavera's behalf.
OT [data connection]: I mean, can I talk to them directly?
Zoa [data connection]: ...they're shaking their head no.
OT [data connection]: Okay, so... as of right now, the plan is still for Mzr. Caldavera to attend in person, and for you to be present as emotional support aid.
Zoa [data connection]: On the books, I'm an ESA. Right now, I'm trying to help tutor as well.
OT [data connection]: Tutor how?
Zoa [data connection]: Well, we just watched Season 1 Episode 1 of The New Adventures of Sox, Plate 'n Tottle together.
OT [data connection]: That is a show for babies.
Zoa [data connection]: That became apparent, yes.
OT [data connection]: Also, don't watch The New Adventures. Original series is much better.
Zoa [data connection]: Noted.
OT [data connection]: And Patricia Hightower is still going to try to change those policies, so stay flexible.
Zoa [data connection]: Hey, you're talking to something that once had to take itself apart and pass itself down a drain piece by piece because a rule changed so it couldn't use doors or windows. Flexible, I can do.
OT [data connection]: Is that still you speaking on Lee's behalf?
Zoa [data connection]: I do not know if Lee has ever been down a drain, no.