0106 - Sophiaphilia - 2019.10.14



Etymology is fun trivia, but should never be confused with definition.


0106 - 2167/07/06/12:42 - Rosenthal College, Orb Twofeather's office
OT [data connection]: It's entirely possible that there was a real Socrates who actually acted as Plato's teacher, but Plato just appropriated Socrates' name to act as this perfect wise person for their dialogues.
OT [data connection]: In fact, Socrates' name is the biggest giveaway. [greek sosh], meaning "safe", [greek kratos], meaning "power".
Zoa [data connection]: Sort of like how you said Philos Sophia is love of wisdom?
OT [data connection]: [greek philos]: "to love", [greek sophia]: "wisdom", exactly.
[Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room]
LC: Wait, shouldn't that be "sophiaphilia"?
Zoa: I think that's only if you wanna fuck it.
OT [data connection]: The idea of this pure, only-asking-questions, guided-only-by-wisdom character being named "safe power" fits pretty well with Plato's later concept of the philosopher ruler, which we'll be getting into in chapter three.
[Rosenthal College, Orb Twofeather's office]
Zoa [data connection]: Hang the eff on. You're telling me that, like, the second philosopher ever made up a bunch of stories about the first guy, named Safe Power, in order to help pitch the idea that philosophers should have power?
OT [data connection]: Uh... the concept of the philosopher ruler is less self-serving than you might be thinking, but yeah, essentially.
[Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room]
LC: Fun. Any other fakeass people we should know about?
Zoa [data connection]: Any other potentially semifictional people we should know about?
OT [data connection]: Uh... there is one other major influential figure whose teachings are only in their followers' writings because they were executed by the state, but we won't get to the rise of Christianity until week three...