0011 - "Companionship" - 2017.12.18



Zoa jumps to conclusions. It has to, to be able to do what it does.

Of course, the conclusions to which one jumps depend on the information one has. The conclusion of "this person is looking for sex partners" was completely logical, based on Lee's original post. The conclusion of "Lee is a shutin marstaku loner who is as bad at social interaction as they are at managing their own emotional state" is supported by far more evidence.


0011 - 2167/07/05/18:05 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, main entrance
LC: Well, Autonomous Nonspecific Service Thing...
Zoa: You can just call me Zoa.
LC: You. Bot. I am very much not interested in just... random blowjobs from door-to-door vending machines. I'm really not sure why you even showed up here.
Zoa: Well, your public solicitation for "companionship" was kind of open-ended, so I was hoping...
LC: Why do you keep doing air quotes around "companionship"?
Zoa: Uh... because your ad was pretty clearly just fishing for a casual sex partner or five?
LC: Oh gods, no, no, I was... I was just trying to get actual people for actual companionship. Conversations. Is that really what people would think when they read-
Zoa: Yuh-huh.
LC: Shit, I'm so fucking bad at this. I'm the worst.
Zoa: Hey, I get it. Social interaction is tough sometimes, especially if you're a crazy shut-in marstaku loner.
LC: Nnnnnrgh.
Zoa: Y'know what'd make ya feel a whole lot better? I'll give you a hint - it's very reasonably priced and it rhymes with "shmlowjob".