0110 - Lee's weakness - 2019.11.11



What are your strengths and weaknesses?

In what circumstances are your strengths actually weaknesses? In what circumstances are your weaknesses actually strengths?


0110 - 2167/07/06/12:47 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
OT [data connection]: You've hit upon another interesting question, Lee.
OT [data connection]: ...or Zoa. Whichever one of you actually asked that. Either way, well done.
OT [data connection]: Socrates was sentenced to be executed, and if they didn't willingly take the hemlock, would very likely have been put to the sword. Is calmly accepting an inevitable death the same thing as suicide? It's a question that's been debated in various civilizations for millennia, with particular relevance to euthanasia...
LC: I really don't want to talk about this any more. Please just stop.
[Rosenthal College, Orb Twofeather's office]
Zoa [data connection]: Uh... Lee's signalling for an out, Mzr Twofeather.
OT [data connection]: That's fair, I'd say we've gotten a tad offtopic. I'll send you a list of good videos that are actually relevant to the class subject matter and don't feature cartoon cats.
Zoa [data connection]: Greatly appreciated. See you tomorrow.
OT: Mm, I suppose you will.
PH: Orb, did you contact Mezzer Caldavera?
OT: Ah, yes, Patricia, yes I did.
PH: There's actually been a change of plans, our policy change with regards to AI had to be reversed. Of course, you don't necessarily need to let them know that...
OT: I think they might already be aware, actually.
PH: Well, regardless, I expect you to hammer on them in class tomorrow. If we can get Caldavera to fail or drop out of their own accord, so much the better.
OT: Have you considered that Lee Caldavera might actually have some interest in the subject I teach?
PH: Yes, and that weakness is what finally got them out of the apartment in the first place. Good job.
OT: ...not exactly where I was going with that, but thanks.