0113 - Walk and Talk - 2019.12.02



We haven't done much with Caleb yet, have we? Let's do a Caleb scene.


0113 - 2167/07/06/12:52 - Rosenthal College, Orb Twofeather's office
OT: Speaking of my classes, I've got to get to Theta building in two and a half minutes. Walk and talk?
PH: No, I also have work to do. I expect we'll discuss this later.
OT: I expect we will, yeah.
CP: Mezzer Twofeather?
OT: Yes?
CP: Um, is this... are you... office hours?
OT: I do have designated time in which I meet with students one-on-one, yes, ideally if they message me to schedule it ahead of time. Neither my lunch break nor commuting between buildings are that particular time, but if you can walk and talk...
CP: I... uh... I also have that class.
OT: Oh, right! Caleb Paratta, of course, of course. Two classes with me, you must be my biggest fan.
CP: I'm not that big.
OT: Nnnot what I meant, champ. Come on, this way.
OT: Although do me a favour - if I start the class as Jasmine Albright, Advanced Aeronautics teacher, will you back me up?
CP: I don't know if I'm... comfortable... lying...
OT: Eh, that's fine, I can work around ya.