0114 - Purpose - 2019.12.09



Zoa, for those who are curious, primarily uses three fluids: coolant, joint lubricant, and synthetic blowjob spit. The coolant, as we've seen, is liquid nitrogen - Zoa has an onboard cryogenic distillation rig that can gather it from the air. The other two fluids, however, have to be periodically purchased and topped up. Zoa's kind of like a car that way - nothing heals or automatically replenishes, it has to manually purchase new parts and substances to patch itself up as it goes, and those parts and substances have to be of a specific type to avoid voiding warranties and safety standards.

This is not to say, of course, that Zoa would not be able to make use of a half-consumed bottle of jabuticaba-salmonberry juice in some way. An asset is an asset, and most gamers know you don't drop items out of your inventory unless your character is encumbered.


0114 - 2167/07/06/12:53 - Rosenthal College, hex
OT: So what's on your mind, kid? Other than that nifty prosthetic synapse booster I see back there.
CP: That's not... I don't want... that's not something that I...
OT: Hoooo nelly, might not be able to walk to class in time if I don't stop sticking my feet in my mouth.
OT: Look, just ask your question. Is it related to the Intro to Philosophy class we just had, or the Intro to Sociology we're about to have?
CP: ....yes.
OT: Mm, I really gotta learn to start using that "xor".
CP: Uh... is the purpose of human existence to make the world a better place, and if so, what classes should I be taking?
OT: Lemme guess, you've been talking to that purple-haired student and their big boobie robot friend.
CP: H-h-how did you know?
OT: ...I was kidding. You actually talked to them?
CP: I bought them juice.
OT: For the human one, I assume.
CP: Well, Lee only drank half of the bottle and I don't know what kinds of fluids Zoa uses, so...