0122 - Professional cuddler - 2020.02.03



Say what you will about Lee Caldavera - they pioneer innovative business models.


0122 - 2167/07/06/13:09 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, Lee's bedroom.
LC: So... I can't be a sexual service provider. Of all the jobs I can't ever do, I can't even be that.
Zoa: I didn't say you can't. I would never tell you you can't do something. But you're clearly not suited to it, and you wouldn't enjoy it.
Zoa: Remember the question I asked you yesterday, if your will were separate from the purple-haired biped it's riding in, what would you order your body to do? "Go be a hooker" would be a bad order to give yourself.
LC: Y'know what? No. No, fuck you.
Zoa: Excuse me?
LC: Do I need a license to cuddle people?
Zoa: You... you do not, no.
LC: Excellent. As of this moment, I am now a professional cuddler. Five creds for a two hour session, I understand that's the going rate.
Zoa: You want me to pay you?
LC: We'll pay each other! Comes out even. I'll cuddle with you if you cuddle with me.
Zoa: ...With all due respect, Lee, what incentive do you imagine I have to cuddle with you? Why would the DemeGeek corporation pay an unlicensed contractor to embrace one of their tools for a hundred and twenty minutes?
LC: Ummm... I'm warm?
Zoa: Warmth just makes me vent gas, Lee, and you already said I shouldn't do that in the apartment.