0123 - Selling. - 2020.02.10



Any good salesperson alters their pitch for their target audience. Crucially, the salesperson needs to convince that audience that the deal in question is good for them, it will meet their needs.

So, for example, if you told me you're a big roleplaying nerd, I might mention that the Paladin's, Rogue's, Barbarian's, Necromancer's, and Bard's Guides all provide excellent inspiration for gamers who want to play those types of characters, and you can read the PDFs (or listen to the exclusive audiobooks) on my Patreon before shelling out the cash to buy actual physical copies on Amazon. I might also mention content like Wordcast, a tabletop game (and adventure module) that uses a bag of Scrabble tiles instead of dice!

If you told me you prefer a little less roleplaying and a little more game, I might mention Castaway (my collaborative island survival board game) or Brothel (my 18+ card game), both of which are available to my patrons in printable PDF form.

If you don't want to game at all and you'd prefer to sit down with some long form fiction, I might steer you towards Bang (my novel about an apocalypse) or What The Left Hand Is Doing (my ~erotic~ mystery novella), both of which are PDFS for patrons.

If you don't like what I write and you'd rather be the one to take the creative reins, I might point out the discounts available for my art commissions at the $10 tier, which several of my regular fans are already using to save themselves money on a regular basis.

And, of course, if you just like Forward (and all the various other things I do), I could simply point out that heading on over to and signing up for as little as $1 a month is a great way to ensure the comic you love keeps on a-comin'.

...hopefully you fall into at least one of those categories...


0123 - 2167/07/06/13:10 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, Lee's bedroom.
LC: You don't want to cuddle with me.
Zoa: I didn't say that, Lee. Sell me on it.
LC: Sell you?
Zoa: Advertise. You said yourself, you're a professional cuddler, part of being a professional is self-promotion. Tell me what, about cuddling with you, would be worth money to me as a client. Highlight your value. Pitch.
LC: I'm... I'm cute?
Zoa: Granted. That would, indeed, be a good selling point to a human client. Know your audience, Lee, what else you got?
LC: You can... observe me while we're snuggling.
Zoa: You want me to gather biometric data about you while you're unconscious?
LC: Well, jeez, don't phrase it like that. There's... um... there's an emotional connection?
Zoa: For you.
LC: Yeah.
Zoa: So you're saying I should pay you five creds to make you like me.
LC: I would like that, yes.
Zoa: Y'know, I take it back, maybe you would be good at sex work.