0124 - Five stars. - 2020.02.17



Now Lee's getting it. Offer Zoa something it wants and can use!

Oh, and make sure you're not literally committing fraud as you do so, that's important too.


0124 - 2167/07/06/13:11 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, Lee's bedroom.
LC: Ooh! I know something I can do. Something I do really well, something I've spent years doing.
Zoa: What's that?
LC: I can rate things out of five stars.
Zoa: Okay, a) the services of general purpose automatons like myself are typically rated out of ten.
LC: Multiply by two. Easy.
Zoa: b) I already have thousands upon thousands of reviews of my services.
LC: Ah, but I'm assuming those are all for blowjobs. How highly rated are you for cuddling?
Zoa: Granted, I'm not rated for my cuddling skill at all.
LC: There you go! I'm opening up new avenues of revenue for you. Think of all the new business you'll do from all the lonely folks searching for highly-rated cuddlebots!
Zoa: Mmwell, there's also c).
LC: What's C?
Zoa: You offering a ten-out-of-ten as one of the incentives for me to give you five creds amounts to soliciting payment for a consumer review, which would literally be a crime.
LC: Hey, I didn't say I was guaranteeing a ten-out-of-ten! You have to earn those half-stars from me, sweetheart!