0127 - Lee is good. - 2020.03.09



Lighting is important, in Forward.

You've probably noticed, I colour things completely differently in Lee's apartment in full light, versus how they look in the school, versus how they look outdoors. Here, in the darkness, colours are more flat and simple. Zoa isn't glossy. There are no weird shadows. Things are simple.

(Comic Studies 101 Pro-Tip: the colouring style might be symbolic and impart meaning to a scene!)

Of course, once this nap is over, Lee's going to turn the lights back on, and I'm going to go back to spending three hours per panel with all that shading again. Remind me, why didn't I just make this strip take place entirely in the dark?


0127- 2167/07/06/13:16 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, Lee's bedroom.
[the room is in darkness, and Zoa's hair has been wrapped up in its sweater]
Zoa: A hundred and twenty minutes... starting now, or when you lose consciousness?
LC: Lose consciousness, please.
Zoa: As you wish. Sleep well.
LC: Zoa?
Zoa: Mm?
LC: Tell me I'm good.
Zoa: You're good, Lee.
Lee: Mmmno I'm not.
Zoa: I'm sorry, Lee, you do not have sufficient permissions to override that data.
Lee: Mmmf.