0129 - The going rate. - 2020.03.23



I generally don't have voices in my head for my characters, that's just not how my brain visualizes a scene. I'm not sure what sort of actors I'd cast in a Forward animated series, or what sort of vocal filter I'd put over Zoa or Doc's lines.....

If I had to pick, I'd say Lee probably sounds on the deep end of feminine, something like Gina Linetti from Brooklyn 99 at her most unenthused. Zoa is more like Pinkie Pie, but with really crisp consonants and just a hint of deep-fried buzz, like talking into a box fan. Doc, it has already been canonically mentioned, has a faux-Austrian accent. Orb sounds like Tom Bergeron, Patricia sounds like Mrs. Krabappel, and Caleb is way down in the "duhhh, okay boss" cartoon henchmen range, but considerably more eloquent, if not necessarily more well-spoken.


0129 - 2167/07/06/15:35 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, Lee's bedroom.
LC: You actually rated me out of ten? Publicly? On the Internet?
Zoa: Like we said we would do, yeah.
LC: When the hell did I say that?
Zoa [human voice font]: "As of this moment, I am now a professional cuddler. Five creds for a two hour session, I understand that's the going rate."
LC: Please don't mimic my voice.
Zoa: That was an unaltered playback. Those are allowed.
LC: So you listed me as a ten-out-of-ten professional cuddler who charges five creds per two hours?
Zoa: No, of course not, that would be crazy.
LC: Good.
Zoa: I listed you at point-seven millicreds per second. That's rounding up!
LC: Nnngh.