0013 - A comfortable apartment - 2018.01.01



Technology in the twenty-second century is easy and intuitive, but it is still possible to be bad at it. You will note that Lee absolutely did not turn Zoa's sarcasm off, even when it was explained that they hadn't done so.

It should also be noted that while Zoa can be snarky or sarcastic, it does not lie. It can't. It can imply comparisons, it can understate, it can neglect to mention things, it can evade answering a question, it can interject non sequiturs, but it cannot make an outright false statement. That may become important later on.


0013 - 2167/07/05/18:07 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
Zoa (entering Lee's apartment): Ooh, nice place.
LC: I thought I turned your sarcasm off.
Zoa: You... didn't actually do that, no. But, as it happens, that wasn't sarcastic. This apartment actually looks really comfortable.
LC: I guess it's not uncomfortable.
Zoa: Soooo... since we're being friendly and comfortable and just having friendly amiable fun-time conversations together... you mind if I use your power and data hookups?
LC: Why?
ZoA: Just... it'd be most convenient. You know how it is.
LC: Convenient for whom?
Zoa: Well, it'd be the closest available connection. And you don't pay for power or data, right?
LC: Of course not, they're considered necessities.
Zoa: Right, so it wouldn't cost you anything extra. So you can just... say that I have permission. You could just say that. With your mouth. Right now. Please.
LC: I guess I could, sure.
Zoa: You could even phrase it not as a hypothetical, but as an actual declarative statement. That'd be a real friendly thing to do. Hospitable, you might say.
LC: See, this is why I don't interact with people. Everything's gotta be an elaborate chore all the time!