0131 - Neighbourly - 2020.04.06



If you had a friend - someone you like platonically, and would enjoy cuddling with - if you had that friend offer to cuddle you for $5 per two hours, would you take them up on it? Would it mean less to you, knowing your friend would apparently also cuddle with anyone else for that same rate? Even if you knew for absolutely certain that they were physically safe, would you still worry about your friend's emotional (or financial) well-being with this new business model?


0131 - 2167/07/06/15:37 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, Lee's bedroom.
[door chime]
LC: How did they get here so quickly?
Zoa: Given that Caleb Paratta is a fellow Rosenthal student, I'm going to guess they're staying in the same building you are. Probably even on the same floor, assuming they walked here at a normal pace. You're neighbours!
LC: Make them go away! I am not cuddling with a two tonne death machine!
Zoa: They're not a machi-
LC: Just get them out of here!
Zoa: Okay, okay, I've already de-listed you and marked it as an error. You are not open for business.
LC: Good.
[door chime again]
Zoa: Perhaps they've brought you more juice?