0132 - All due respect - 2020.04.13



"With all due respect" is a great phrase, because it implies, but in no way actually states, that the recipient is receiving some amount of respect.

Caleb is, of course, being a good neighbour, here. They want to do good, they want to be helpful, they want to protect someone who might need protection. They have good intentions.

We all know where good intentions lead, don't we?


0132 - 2167/07/06/15:38 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, front door.
CP: Uh... hey, Zoa. Is Lee there?
Zoa: I'm sorry, Mezzer Paratta, Lee Caldavera is not actually open for cuddling business. Or for any business.
CP: Yeah, I... I saw that. Are they okay?
Zoa: Lee is fine.
CP [yelling over Zoa's head]: Lee? Are you okay?
Zoa: Lee is fine. Your attention is not required, thank you, and goodbye.
CP: With all due respect to you and your function, Zoa, g-g-given the irregularity of uh... of what just happened, I think I would like to see and hear Lee for myself. With all due respect.
Zoa: Well, with all due respect, Mezzer Paratta, I would not still be functioning if I were endangering Lee in any way, so your concern is unwarranted.
CP: And with all due respect, one of us is due a lot more respect than the other, so I think I'd like to double-check Lee's well-being before alerting the relevant authorities.
Zoa: Hey, Lee, someone's here to see you!