0138 - A very expensive handshake - 2020.05.25



Forgot about those little guys, didn't ya?


0138 - 2167/07/06/15:44 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, front door.
Zoa: Lee, you are already (through Rosenthal College) very generously paying me five thousand creds over the next three months to be your ESA. Uh... assuming that whole situation continues to work out.
LC: Well, sure, but... but I want you to be comfortable and happy now! You should be able to order yourself a custom set of genitals! And have power and data wherever you go! And get better hair and fix that jaw notch and arm seam, and... and buy yourself a change of clothes, for fuck's sake!
Zoa: Lee, I know you've developed an emotional connection to me, but I am not actually a person. I, as a matter of legal and empirical fact, do not actually deserve a comfortable living allowance like a human being would.
LC: And I'm saying you do deserve it.
LC: But you know what? Fuck "deserve". If it makes it easier for you, sure, I don't care about you. I'm just a customer. I'm hand-horny. I'm desperate for a robot, any robot, to shake my hand, right now, and I will absolutely transfer one kilocred to that robot, or its discretionary sub-account, or its parent company, or whatever, effective immediately, now DO IT!
[butlerbot shakes LC's hand]
Zoa: Huh. Maybe instead of a fuckable ass, I should invest in faster reflexes.