0142 - The purpose of pain - 2020.06.22



Lee really should have read the manual - or even any of the ad copy - before downloading Therapro Psyhealth. Of course, reading the documentation to make sure you're using an AI or device properly before engaging with it isn't exactly Lee's style.


0142 - 2167/07/06/15:50 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, therapy couch.
LC: ...and then I just came over here and... and that's it.
Doc: You accidentally transferred a kilocred to Rosenthal College instead of to the DemeGeek corporation, and, in lieu of attempting to reverse that error in any way, you activated me to tell me that you're sad.
LC: Yes! Yes, I'm sad! You're supposed to fucking fix that!
LC: Not that I actually expect you to, you haven't made me feel better in all the years and years I've used you.
Doc: Lee, do you know why pain exists?
LC: Because God hates me.
Doc: From an evolutionary perspective, all manner of negative stimulus, from nausea to burns to ennui, is intended to induce a change in behaviour. You touch a hot stove, your hand feels pain, you move your hand.
Doc: The problem is, pain is stupid. It gives you a motivation, but it doesn't give you a direction.
Doc: You're like a housefly, bumping its head against the window over and over again. It is not my job to make the window softer, it's my job to redirect you outside.
LC: Yeah, well, if I could swap you out for a therapist that does make me feel happy, I would.
Doc: Yes, you've made your preference for AI companion quite clear.
Doc: On an unrelated note, I will remind you, yet again, that the premium version of Therapro Psyhealth is only twenty-nine ninety-nine.