0144 - Doctor Feelgood - 2020.07.06



This is strip #144. Gross.

Who in your life makes you feel good? Who in your life is good for you? Are the people who make you feel good and the people who are good for you the same people? Do you make other people feel good? Are you good for them? If you had to pick only one, which would you rather be?


0144 - 2167/07/06/15:52 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, therapy couch.
Doc: I think it's obvious that what we're seeing here is your need for love. You've gone entirely too long without loving someone. You're latching onto Zoa like it's a person, and you're attempting to express your love by giving it things, attempting to meet its needs.
Doc: Arguably, laudable.
LC: I... it's just wrong that Zoa doesn't have clothes and shelter and the robot equivalent of medical care.
Doc: Yes, if Zoa were a Homo Sapiens, your drive-
LC: Can we drop the "if Zoa were human" thing? You know I'd also want to fix an injured dog or a dying houseplant.
Doc: But not your therapist. You don't love me, Lee.
LC: Again - you're sure you're not jealous?
Doc: You don't love me. Is it because you don't find me esthetically pleasing? Is it because my appearance is coded masculine, or authoritative?
LC: ....you don' t make me feel good. You don't try to make me feel good.
Doc: I'd suggest mounting a mouthsleeve to my monitor armature, but I'm fairly certain it would compromise our patient /therapist dynamic, to say nothing of voiding my warranty.