0015 - googoo jaxen 5 - 2018.01.15



When you don't interact with others very much, there is a tendency to assume that what you know is universally known, what you believe is universally believed, and what you value is universally valued... or, if you know that your values are out of step with the general public, to come to believe that you're somehow part of a silent majority.


0015 - 2167/07/05/18:09 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
Zoa: Ahh, I'm sorry, you don't want to listen to me kvetch. What did you want to have a conversation about?
LC: I don't know. Did you see the latest Gu Gu JaxxonFive episode?
Zoa: I... do not know what that is, no.
LC: You don't know what Gu Gu JaxxonFive is?
Zoa: I'm a vending machine, remember? If it's not about maintaining a hygenic phatex mouthsleeve, stimulating genitals with said mouthsleeve, or getting paid for stimulating genitals with said mouthsleeve, I usually don't pay it a whole lot of attention.
Zoa: Hang on, I can just alphawiki it-
data connection: [Search: googoo jaxen 5]
LC: Wait, no, don't search it! I can show you! Let me queue up the first episode!
Zoa: Uhh... too late, I just downloaded the whole series. I can delete it from my memory, though, if you'd like.
LC: I hope you're better at blowjobs than you are at conversations, because this one is going very poorly and it's entirely your fault.