0151 - First things first - 2020.08.24



I remember, years ago, I was in a D&D group, and the GM was constantly frustrated that I wasn't optimizing my character for combat. This was one of those groups that had a player who did optimize himself for combat, and a Dungeon Master that allowed and encouraged it, so naturally, his character was effectively two or three levels ahead of the rest of the party, and every combat was starring him with the rest of us as largely unnecessary backup.

When I expressed that I didn't know how to optimize my character, I was pointed in the direction of an online guide that showed the correct sequence of skills and feats and equipment to take. I pointed out that, if the guide told me the correct sequence, I, the player, didn't need to be involved at all - the GM could simply make my character for me. This suggestion did not go over well.

Anyway, what I'm saying is, I understand Lee in this moment. If there is a correct sequence of things to do, why can't they just abdicate their responsibilities, let the AIs handle it, and be left alone? New technology is meant to be labour-saving, after all, and what could be more laborious than managing one's own life?


0151 - 2167/07/06/15:59 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room.
LC: Okay, item one: make list.
data window: 1) Make List
Zoa: Right, the one thing we get to check off once this list is done.
Doc: And only when the list is done.
LC: Right.
LC: Item two, get Zoa to get that kilocred back from Rosenthal, if possible.
Zoa: Honestly, I've already started in on that, but the bureaucracy is giving me grief and I may require specific authorizations from you as I go.
LC: Can I just preauthorize you for those?
Zoa: Uhh... not without granting me full control over your finances, apparently.
LC: That's probably fine.
Zoa: I feel obligated to point out that if you do grant me that level of authorization, I can't not immediately transfer all of your money to myself, except for whatever amount you need to remain solvent.
LC: Well, I mean, I don't give a shit, I was already going to give you a thous-
Zoa: Doc, help?
Doc: Lee, no.
LC: Fine, I'll keep my damn money.
Zoa: Wow, Doc, that was impressively forceful. I honestly didn't think you'd be able to say "no" to a human being like that.
Doc: Lee gave me authorization to abbreviate "I strongly recommend against that course of action" to "no" about a year ago, I've tried not to abuse it...