0153 - Ten things - 2020.09.07



I'd just like to point out Doc's move here, of casually angling itself to block the couch. I've used that move before... sorta.

Years ago, I ran one of my one-shot homebrew RP sessions (You may have heard me talk about those? It's a thing I do?) and we happened to be set up in a friend's basement. Now, my games tend to be intense experiences, but I'm all too aware that sustaining attention on dice and little pieces of paper for five hours or so is a big ask; spirit is willing, flesh is weak, etc. In this basement, we had a table with regular wooden chairs around it, and, over to one side, a couch. My games tend to be rather informal, so wandering about the room would be perfectly normal, and people can gravitate to couches when left to their own devices.

So, casually, I spread my maps and unused minis and documents on the couch, saying "oh, I'm just going to lay these out over here, so I have access to them as we go". This was true, of course, it was helpful to have them spread out, but it also effectively corralled my players into either sitting at the table with proper posture or standing up, neither posture conducive to zoning out and drifting off.

It doesn't always work, mind you (and, good Lord, if you incorporate that sort of logic into a corporate office or retail environment, you're a monster), but it's a useful trick to keep in mind.


0153 - 2167/07/06/16:01 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room.
LC: Alright. Standing.
Zoa: Yes!
LC: Ordering a sandwich.
Zoa: You'll be hungry when you smell it!
LC: ...how many things need to be on a to-do list?
Doc: Why don't we aim for ten?
Zoa: Yeah, ten's good.
LC: Ten?!?
Zoa: Whup, hey, no sitting, remember?
LC: W-what else could I possibly have to do?
Zoa: Read ahead in the syllabus.
Doc: Organize your physical belongings.
Zoa: Plan your outfits and meals for school days.
Doc: Perhaps obtain a notebook and pen, physically taking notes during class may help you retain information.
Zoa: Look into living space options, in case we do get kicked out of here.
LC: But... but we won't, though. You're going to help me.
Zoa: It is likely that we won't, sure, but hey, maybe we check out apartment listings just in case?
Doc: Again, I don't much care for that "we" that keeps being used...