0159 - Septophilia - 2020.10.19



Offering food to people is a pretty significant thing in most human cultures, and the fact that Lee lives in what is effectively a post-scarcity economy doesn't change that.


0159 - 2167/07/06/16:07 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room.
Zoa: So... I'm getting that you don't actually want to talk about your parents.
LC: Rather not, yeah.
Zoa: And, evidently, you don't want to eat the sandwich.
LC: You want it?
Zoa: ......why... would I....
LC: Sorry. Instinct, I guess.
Doc: Again, I've been with you for years, and you've never once offered me food.
LC: ...Do you want me to offer you food?
Doc: Obviously, that's not what I'm getting at. Just once again noting the difference, that's all.
LC: I mean... I dunno, Zoa's sitting next to me with a body, y'know?
Zoa: I mean, I could jam the sandwich down my mouthsleeve if you really want, but it doesn't go anywhere.
Zoa: I'd definitely have to clean it out thoroughly afterwards. Nobody likes rancid roast beef smell, let alone contaminating their dick with it.
Zoa: I guess I shouldn't say "nobody". Some people are into weird stuff, as I believe I've mentioned.
LC: Ew. Decaying food fetishists?
Doc: I'm not going to list the recognized paraphilias, but I assure you, septophilia is in there, and should not be stigmatized as long as it's indulged safely and consensually.