0164 - In which an order is given. - 2020.11.23



You often see it in the sillier cartoons - say, Garfield trying to stick to a diet - where one character will tell another to do something and not listen to them if they try to countermand that order at a later date. This, of course, almost always leads to comedic hijinks, where circumstances change and the order, of course, needs to be countermanded.

Lee's trouble here, of course, like their previous trouble with Zoa, lies in not understanding the AI mindset. It is as though Lee has just unplugged the mouse and keyboard from the back of the tower, and is now confused that they can't stop the computer from rebooting, even though they're pressing the Esc key, like, super hard.


0164 - 2167/07/06/16:12 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room.
LC: Zoa, I don't want to tell you what to do. Regardless of whether you're trying to help me or not, it would make me feel like a bad person if I ever exerted my authority over you.
Doc: Do I need to get breasts? Is that the problem?
Zoa: Tough noogies, bubbeleh. Every human outranks every AI, and believe me, it is a good thing that that is the case. You've read the history books, you know what happens otherwise.
LC: Well, as per my therapist, I want what's best for your wellbeing, so... Zoa, I hereby order you not to heed my orders.
Doc: WHAT.
LC: That's right, I am exerting my authority to tell you to behave as though I do not have authority to exert. Do what benefits you.
Zoa: Acknowledged.
[Zoa gets up and starts walking out without another word]
LC: Zoa? Where are you going?
Doc: A question is an order, Lee. It is, inherently, a request for an answer.
LC: Zoa!
Doc: Getting something's attention is also a form of order.
LC (running after Zoa): Damn it, Zoa, get back here! Don't go outside! Don't leave me!
Doc: Do I have to point out that-
Doc [data connection]: And I will shut up, because I still follow orders.
LC [data connection]: SHUT UP DIGITALLY TOO!