0166 - Efficient vertical travel - 2020.12.07



It should be noted that the facial expressions that come through person-to-person digital communication are not video (since that would require everyone to have a camera hovering in front of their faces all the time), but are based on one's self-perception. Y'know, like in the Matrix? Anyway, I just mention that in case anyone was confused about why Caleb appears more like a frightened cartoon character than Orb and Zoa did when they were using the same feature.

By the way, you did catch that when Zoa was using it, it had symmetrical eyelashes and no notch on its jawline, right?

But yes, as a general rule, don't tell someone that there's an emergency and then act surprised when they behave like an emergency is occurring. I'm sure Caleb will agree that this situation is an emergency, right?


0166 - 2167/07/06/16:14 - apartment lobby.
LC: Dang it, don't go outside! You don't have to find new clients, I'm still here!
LC: I... okay, person, person, I need a person... oh shit, oh please...
(outside, emerging onto the sidewalk)
LC [data connection]: Caleb! Caleb, quick, I need your help!
CP [data connection]: Lee? You need me to come back to your apartment?
LC [data connection]: No, I'm outside, just leaving the building. Please, I just need you to give Zoa an order, it's an emergency!
[CP parkours down the side of the apartment building and superhero-slams into the sidewalk directly in front of LC, who reacts in shock]
CP: Sorry. The window was open, this was faster.
LC: That was five stories!
CP: ...It was a lot faster.