0167 - Override - 2020.12.14



It's fortunate that, apparently, Lee's potentially dangerous behaviour is cause for Zoa to allow Caleb to override Lee's directive, rather than prompting it to call some agency to come lock Lee up for their own safety, isn't it? Almost like Zoa actually has a fair amount of latitude in how it interprets commands.


0167 - 2167/07/06/16:15 - sidewalk.
CP: So... what do you need, exactly?
LC: Tell Zoa to listen to me!
CP: What?
LC: I ordered it not to listen to my orders and now it can't hear me!
CP: Zoa?
Zoa: Hey, Caleb. Nice jump.
Zoa: And, by the way, I can still see and hear Lee perfectly well, I just can't do anything that would constitute following a directive, and acknowledging an attempt to get my attention constitutes following a directive.
CP: Okay, well, cut it out.
Zoa: Uh, with respect, you're both users of the same authorization level - which is to say "public" - and you can't override another user's directive.
CP: Uh... what about for public safety?
Zoa: Well, sure, obviously, not acknowledging someone's input can lead to unsafe circumstances. That's exactly why I was leaving - can't be unsafe if you're not around!
CP: Alright, well, Lee's clearly following you, and would probably follow you into traffic, so for their safety's sake, you are hereby ordered to disregard their order to disregard them.
Zoa: Yeah, that works.
Zoa: Hi, Lee, how's it going?
LC: Hnnngh.