0168 - That's a no. - 2020.12.21



You ever have a conversation with someone, follow the trails it gives you, come to some unconventional conclusions, then try to explain the conclusions to someone else after the fact? "You had to be there" is usually said of jokes, but can apply to larger ideas as well.

It is said that the difference between science and play is writing things down. Maybe Lee and Zoa should be doing that.


0168 - 2167/07/06/16:16 - sidewalk.
LC (hugging Zoa): Don't do that again, don't ever do that again, please.
Zoa: Uh... okay. Won't.
CP: What... what happened? I just saw you twenty minutes ago!
Zoa: Lee came to be under the impression that all authority is inherently malicious, and decided that that standard also applied to exerting their will over automatons like Yours Truly.
CP: Well, as someone who's spent... years... living and working in a fairly comprehensive military hierarchy, I d-d-don't think authority is... inherently bad.
Zoa: Would this be the military hierarchy that you quit for ethical reasons?
CP: Um... y-y-yes, but... I mean, that... that reason wasn't the reason.
CP: Lee, do you need help getting back to your apartment?
Zoa: Ooh, can you jump us there?
CP: ...Lee's apartment is on the twenty-third floor.
Zoa: So that's a no?
CP: That's a no, yeah.
LC: No, no, I... I'm just gonna sit for a bit.
Zoa: Sitting's cool. You know what else is cool? Thanking someone who just did you a favour.
LC: Th-thank you, Caleb.
Zoa: Even if they can't leap twenty-three stories straight up while carrying a combined two hundred and twenty-four kilograms, for some reason.
CP: I mean, I could c-carry you up the stairs if you really w-want, but it'd t-take a while...