0172 - Otto - 2021.01.18



This thing? The thing Zoa is trying to do in panel 1? Never, ever do this.

Someone describing a game group they're in is absolutely not an invitation to join in, nor may you invite someone else on their behalf. Ever.

But, of course, Zoa knows this. It is, after all, programmed to preserve itself, and obey the rules, and to act on humans' behalf, and to try to do what's best for the overall situation. Violating social norms, defying expectations, or being annoying, if they're somehow in service of those other goals, are all perfectly acceptable.

Otto's goal is to help keep the city safe and pleasant. That seems nice, doesn't it?


0172 - 2167/07/06/16:20 - sidewalk.
Zoa: So hey, Lee, that sounds like a social thing you could do with people that might not be too overwhelming. You wanna get in on this?
LC: Mmr.
Zoa: Caleb, could Lee get in on some dragon-slaying?
CP: It's... not really... they wouldn't be a good fit for the group, I think.
[Otto, a hovering drone that projects a human-like face, darts in]
LC: Why not? Because I-
Otto: Hi! I'm Otto!
Otto: I'm an AI that works with the city, but you can request to speak to a human operator at any time. I noticed that you're sitting on the ground! Do you need help?
Zoa: No, Otto, we're fine, thanks.
Otto: Could one of the two humans confirm that, please?
CP: We... we do not require your assistance at this time, Otto.
LC: Yeah, we're good.
Otto: Okay! I'll back off, and I will not be observing or recording you, but if you ever require assistance of any sort, simply search "Otto" online, or say my name really loud - I can answer any questions you might have about municipal policy, or connect you to over two dozen social services! If this interaction has been satisfactory, I'm Otto unit two-five-seven-eight-eight-one, and you can rate me on a scale out of ten. Thank you, and have a pleasant afternoon!
Zoa: I'm thinking we should probably go back inside.