0174 - F-bombing - 2021.02.01



There are plenty of changes to the English language in 150 years, and it may seem odd that "F-bombs" are still considered "foul language". I think that regardless of cultural acceptance, though, I kinda don't want "fuck" to lose all stigma. Even if it's purely arbitrary, I feel that designating certain words as "vulgar" to denote intensity or informality or rudeness can be an important part of communication.

I mean, that's why we have "redundant" words in any language, isn't it? Connotation. Code-switching. It makes a big difference. I think that if "fuck" ever fully lost its stigma, we would need some new synonym for "having sex" that carries that same feeling of impropriety, rebellion, and aggression.


0174 - 2167/07/06/16:22 - sidewalk.
LC: Hey, Otto?
Otto: Yeah?
LC: Fuck off. Just ... just fuck the hell off, okay?
Zoa: What my client means, of course, is that they do not require your assistance at this time, thank you and goodbye.
Otto [AI speech bubble]: Could you please confirm that you do not require assistance?
LC: Zoa, I don't need you to handle this.
Zoa: I think you do, given that you just dropped the F-bomb on a piece of city property.
Otto [human speech bubble]: This is Fatima, with Community Wellbeing. What seems to be the trouble?
LC: I thought you were Otto.
Otto [human speech bubble]: I'm a person, controlling Otto remotely. Says here you were visibly in distress, possibly under threat from an unsafe general-purpose automaton, there was foul language used...
Zoa: Oh no, no danger here! They're just not especially good at dealing with technology, that's all.
Otto: Otto also flagged that there was mention of a bomb on city property?
Zoa: ...it is possible that I am also not good at dealing with technology.
CP: Wow, it's n-not often that I feel like the most c-capable communicator in a g-g-group.