0175 - Disengagement - 2021.02.08



What motivates you to do things that aren't in your own best interest?

Let's ignore mistakes, and let's ignore sacrifices you make for other people. What choices have you made in your life that weren't for your own benefit, and what emotions or strategies prompted them?

Have you declined to collect a windfall because you felt you didn't deserve it, or that it was beneath your dignity, or you didn't want to fall into a habit? Have you stuck to your guns on a bad idea because you don't like change, or you were embarrassed to be wrong, or you were being stubborn for stubbornness' sake?

Have you ever spent a half hour arguing that yes, you are entitled to a fifty cent discount? Have you ever turned down someone's affection because you felt unattractive or unworthy of love, even though they insisted they were attracted to you and loved you? Have you ever spent hours consuming media that was low-quality and made you feel bad, just to complete the series?

If you could change the ideas, emotions, and personality traits that prompted those actions - just turn off those aspects of yourself like a switch - would you?


0175 - 2167/07/06/16:23 - sidewalk.
CP: H-hi, Fatima. Caleb Paratta; I authorize you to look up my records.
Otto [human]: Okay...
Otto [human]: Oh! Second Major Paratta, thank you for your serv-
CP: Former. Civilian. Please don't use my rank.
Otto [human]: Noted. How may I help?
CP: My friend here is having a rough day, but the... this automaton and I are assisting them. There is no threat, but they are easily overwhelmed by having too many people around them. You may d-d-disengage.
Otto [human]: Should I reroute traffic away from this area?
CP: Shouldn't be required, th-thank you. We'll be leaving shortly.
Otto [human]: Okay, I'll set Otto to disregard you. Thank you and please don't forget to rate this interaction out of ten.
CP: Y-you've b-b-been great, Fatima, I'll be rating you h-highly. H-h-have a nice d-day.
LC: I, on the other hand, will be rating you a zero, because you shouldn't be bothering innocent people with drones for the crime of sitting on the ground in public. Thank you very much for going away.
Otto [human]: Hi, this is Bombay, Fatima's supervisor. Is there something wrong?
Zoa (covering face with hands): Oh my C, we were almost done.
LC: Hey, I'll rate the supervisor a zero out of ten too, I don't care! And their supervisor! Birds fly, fish swim, Lee Caldavera rates things!