0187 - 29.99CCC - 2021.05.03



"Do unto others as you would have done unto you" is as good a formulation of a universal ethical principle as you're likely to find, but it presupposes that others want what you want, and that you even know what others want, and that what someone wants is the same as what they need.

Also, just as a side note - Lee is wrong about how the transaction works. Therapro would get the same amount of creds regardless of who buys the product, because otherwise corporations would be incentivized to discourage students, veterans, disabled people, and ethnic minorities from purchasing their products and services.


0187 - 2167/07/06/16:35 - Lee's apartment, living room.
Doc: Lee, unlike Zoa, I do not have a financial account of any sort that can receive money, in much the same way that you can't tip your toaster.
LC: Well, what else could I do that would be nice for you?
Doc: We could go over your-
LC: Oh! I know! Hey, Caleb!
CP: Uh... yeah?
LC: This is Doc, a.k.a. Therapro Psyhealth! It's a really great program, and I recommend it! Five stars, ten out of ten, whatever!
CP: Yeah, I... I already have a c-copy at home. Hi, Ziggy.
Doc: I'm a different instantiation of that program, and I don't know you.
CP: ....right. I... I knew that.
Doc: Also, why exactly are y-
LC: Oh, I know! Premium! I can upgrade you to the Premium version, that's twenty-nine ninety-five, right?
Doc: Ninety-nine.
LC: Done. Get it. Take my money, install new features. Treat yourself.
CP: Actually, I could g-get it for you, Lee, I... I mean, my d-discounts still apply.
LC: Absolutely not! I want Therapro to get my creds, and let'em know Doc is the one who earned'em! In fact, is there anything above Premium? Ultra? Platinum? Mega-sanity?
Doc: There is the "Instincts and Interactions" package, but that's for sexual intimacy and pet training.
Zoa: Not at the same time, I hope...