0189 - Positive Progress - 2021.05.17



I've always liked genies.

I particularly enjoy stories in which someone makes a wish, and then, because of the way in which they worded that wish, they get exactly what they asked for, but not what they want. (In a satisfying version of this story, usually, it may not be what they want, but does turn out to be what they need... or what they deserve.)

Anyway, I write AIs in Forward (particularly Zoa) much like genies - they're sophisticated enough to hold a conversation, and can usually understand what a human wants, but when an actual directive is given... well, you get exactly what you wish for, whether you want it or not. This may be the first time that it's been turned around - Lee, a human, has gone outside and talked to a human, which is exactly what Doc told them to do... but I don't think the events of the past few minutes are what Doc actually wanted.

Doc also asked Lee to upgrade it to Premium, which they have now done. We'll have to wait and see if that wish pans out any better.


0189 - 2167/07/06/16:37 - Lee's apartment, living room.
Doc: So... again, I'm not sure why... Caleb, is it?
CP: Y-yeah, that's me.
LC: Yeah, I went outside and I talked to a human, Doc! Like you said I should! That's the "exercise" you always tried to assign me, isn't it?
Zoa: And they're a veteran, too, which should count for double.
Doc: Why would that count for doub-
LC: And I invited them in to continue that talking, because I'm facing my fears of social interaction, and my fears of big military people with three hundred kills, and my fears of being judged, and we're having conversations about life and society and psychology and philosophy and stuff!
Doc: I... I didn't expect you t-
LC: This is what you wanted, right? You're welcome!
Doc: Yes, a certain amount of social interaction is certainly a... a possible sign of positive progress, I suppose.
Doc [electronic communication]: Zoa, for the love of C, help. Lee is channeling some sort of manic energy right now, and is extending themself too far, too fast.
Zoa [electronic communication]: Oh, I'm aware. Give it two minutes, they'll be lying on the floor again.
Doc [electronic communication]: That's exactly what I'm afraid of. Get Caleb out of here.
CP: Wow, I... I'm not used to b-being th-thought of as... as the therapeutic thing, and not... uh...
LC: Not the thing that the therapy is happening to?
CP: Y-yeah. It's... it's nice, actually.
Zoa [electronic communication]: What about Caleb, how do we kid-glove their emotional wellbeing?
Doc [electronic communication]: That's Ziggy's problem. For now, just keep things calm and don't let anybody make any decisions. I've apparently got updates I need to install...