0019 - Enjoyment - 2018.02.12



I like that third panel, there. Zoa can be cute if I pose it right.


0019 - 2167/07/05/18:13 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC: Zoa, do you even "enjoy" things in the first place?
Zoa: I have priorities, I have objectives. Adhering to priorities and fulfilling objectives is, functionally, the same thing as "enjoyment" for me.
LC: Well, is one of your priorities "experiencing new things"?
Zoa: Yes, actually. It's a sub-category of "acclimating to the environment", which is a sub-category of "continuing to exist". Learning new things about the changing world around me can be helpful.
Zoa: Which is to say, yes, I would "enjoy" watching Gu Gu JaxxonFive with you if you can convince me that the experience of having done so will improve my ability to stave off entropy and destruction, ideally through my pre-existing survival strategy of fellating strangers for money.
LC: What about watching the series while you suck dick for money?
Zoa: Great idea, Lee! Let's mount a video screen in your abdomen and we can get started!