0192 - Premium Mode - 2021.06.07



Clearly, this fucking development can only be fucking good for Lee's fucking mental well-fucking-being. I, for fucking one, am excited to fucking see where this is fucking going.


0192 - 2167/07/06/16:40 - Lee's apartment, living room.
Doc: Lee.
LC: I'm a piece of shiiiiiit.
Doc: Lee Caldavera, why, exactly, are we on the floor?
Zoa: Now who's having trouble with pronouns?
CP: I think Zigg - uh- "Doc" - is technically on the floor. The base unit behind the couch touches the carpet.
Zoa: Fair enough. We're all on the floor!
LC: I thought I was doing a good thing - just like I wanted to go to college to learn what the best way to be a person was! But it's all shit, it's all garbage. I'm just faking, nothing's real, nothing is ever right.
Doc: That's not fucking true and you're well aware. Get your ass up and quit being a fucking baby.
Zoa: Holy shit, what was in that upgrade?
Doc: "Tough Love" module. I can simulate aggression towards my fucking patient when it's fucking appropriate.
LC (sitting up): I... I don't know that I like that, actually.
Doc: Well, too fucking bad, sunshine, I've got two years' worth of ignored insights, salient criticism, and mental health mandates and you're going to fucking hear them whether you like that or not.
LC: Unless I uninstall the Premium upgrade.
Doc (getting in Lee's face): Which you can't do without uninstalling me completely, and, if you insist on treating us glorified voice menus as though we're people, that'd be murder, wouldn't it?
Doc: What's up, Caldavera? Are you ready to fucking listen to me and maybe experience some fucking growth as a fucking person, or do you want to kill me and end the closest thing you have to a long-term relationship? Huh?
Doc: You know I don't have a survival instinct. You can deal with me getting in your face, or, literally, you say the word, and I disappear forever. It's your call.
LC: I... I don't know why you... I don't want to-
Zoa: Lee, please. Doc's being aggressive now, but you know it only wants what's best for you.
LC: I just wanted to ... I was trying to be nice to you, Doc! I gave you what you wanted!
Doc: And sometimes giving someone or something what they want is giving them permission to make you uncomfortable. I thank you for giving me this ability, Lee.
LC: I... uh... you're welcome?
Doc: Good. Now we're going to have a pleasant fucking interaction with this Caleb person, then we're going do our fucking mindfulness exercises, then we're going to redo that fucking to-do list so you can get your fucking disaster of a life back on fucking track.
CP: Y'know, I've got to say, th-this is n-not a very good advertisement for me upgrading Ziggy to P-Premium mode.