0193 - Introductions - 2021.06.14



Is "having something in common" really necessary for a relationship? Do "we live in the same building" or "we're taking the same class" or "we're both mammals" count as "something in common"? If "something in common" is required for a relationship, does that mean that the more things two people have in common, the better or stronger their relationship is?

Lee and Zoa have a pretty strong relationship. What, if anything, do they have in common?


0193 - 2167/07/06/16:41 - Lee's apartment, living room.
Zoa [electronic communication]: Did you still want me to get rid of Caleb?
Doc [electronic communication]: No. I can use them now.
Zoa [electronic communication]: Marvy.
Doc: So, Lee, introduce me to your friend, here.
LC: Oh, right! Doc, this is Caleb. Caleb... uh...
CP: Paratta.
LC: Yes, Caleb Parrata. They're in Mezzer Twofeather's philosophy class with me, and they're ex-military, and they bought me juice, and they live in this building, and they helped me wrangle Zoa just now, and they're... and they're here. They're here now.
CP: Right. Hi.
Doc: And what do you two have in common?
LC: I just said. We're in the same class together.
Doc: Is that all?
LC: Uh... I don't know? Caleb, do we have anything else in common?
Zoa: You both have beating hearts and breathing lungs and all that stuff, that ain't nothin'.
CP: Um... up until a few m-minutes ago, I would have said we both have a... a Ziggy, but your copy is all different from mine, now...
Doc: Perhaps you could figure out if you have things in common by talking about your interests, hm?
LC: Okay... right.... so... uh... beating heart and breathing lungs... those are sure great, huh?
CP: They're alright, I guess.
Doc: Baby steps, I suppose...