0202 - In which both humans and AIs are destroyed - 2021.08.16



Zoa mimics normal human social interaction pretty well, to a point. In much the same way that a self-driving car malfunctions in the presence of graffitied street signs, or a kitchen knife malfunctions when used on concrete, Zoa tends to output inappropriate dialogue in response to unanticipated atypical social situations. This is why your general-purpose androids should be used for manual labour and/or facefucking and/or emotional support, not conflict mediation.

Doc is, of course, far better suited to conflict mediation, but this situation is also atypical for Doc's programming. In particular, Therapro Psyhealth functions best when it is treated like a voice-from-nowhere, authoritatively providing mental health advice, not as one of the parties involved in the conflict. This is why you should never spend years in self-imposed social isolation, developing a pseudo-relationship with it, like Tom Hanks anthropomorphizing a volleyball as his only friend.

Of course, Lee and Caleb are also both outputting suboptimal responses to unanticipated stimuli on TWO levels.

On a conscious level, Lee had not intended and did not anticipate this type of conflict with Caleb. In a larger sense, Lee also did not organize their life in anticipation of attending college or chatting with soldiers at all, and, if they had seen this coming, would have been able to prepare themselves for it with just a few minutes of research and a few days of conversation practice.

On a conscious level, Caleb didn't anticipate Lee's level of emotional turbulence and ignorance of world history. In a larger sense, Caleb also did not organize their life in anticipation of attending college with civilians - or, at least, not until a few months ago.

On an UNconscious level, humans are mammals that evolved to hunt antelope and sing around campfires and live in tribes of a few dozen and keel over of diphtheria at 35. Neither Lee nor Caleb nor you nor I are optimized, on a biological level, for modern life, despite the fact that modern life is, in theory, optimized for us. Malfunctions and inappropriate output are to be expected.


0202 - 2167/07/06/16:50 - Lee's apartment, living room.
CP (extremely uncomfortable): I... I don't... You know, you were right. I d-did sacrifice for you, for this c-country.
CP: But the only p-p-person I ever destroyed was me.
CP: And... and... and you don't even know what I am!
LC: Caleb, look, I just thought that you were... very good at doing a noble thing, okay? Killing the bad guys is noble, right?
Doc: Lee, shut the fuck up and do your fucking deep breathing for thirty fucking seconds before you say another fucking word.
Doc: Caleb, you're not my patient, so I cannot exhibit similar aggression towards you, but, I'm sure that if Ziggy were here, it would tell you something similar.
CP: Ziggy never swears at me. And, if Lee is an example of your handiwork, I don't think I'm t-taking any advice from you any time soon.
Zoa (still faceless): Ooh, burrrrrn.
CP: I'm leaving. I'll... I'll see you in c-class tomorrow, Lee. D-don't talk to me.
Doc [electronic communication]: Zoa, stop them.
Zoa [electronic communication]: We want Caleb to stay, now?
Doc [electronic communication]: Yes, yes, we want them here to continue a dialogue. Lee needs to unpack this.
Zoa: Hey, Caleb! Come on, stick around! Lee's probably good to cuddle you for that point-seven millicreds per second, now! Plus, since they made you feel bad, they'd probably give you a discount on top of that, today only!
LC: *hooh, haah* I... um... *hooh, haah* I probably would, yeah.
Zoa: See? Lee's sorry and they're cuddly, and I don't have a face, so you can still destroy me if you need to!
CP (leaving): Lee, to quote your therapist... f-f-f-f-fuck off.