0205 - Chatter - 2021.09.06



Casual detective-ing is always fun.

Like when you know someone's phone password because you happened to see them unlock it in a reflection over their shoulder, or when you know their recent purchases because you spot a receipt in the trash, or when you know their middle name because they pulled out a credit card and you spotted the health card behind it in their wallet. Y'know, that kinda thing.

Date of birth is considered to be protected information, of course, so Zoa isn't officially allowed to access that information (and certainly isn't allowed to disclose it) if Caleb hasn't explicitly given the say-so, but Zoa is able to know that a particular synaptic interface is announcing that it's due for its four year checkup, and that this particular model of circuit can only be installed on people whose brains have fully finished developing (officially, on their twenty-fifth birthday). Y'know, that kinda thing.

Like I said, it's fun to do. The subjects of such scrutiny usually don't react favorably, though, so most of us incidental detectives are savvy enough to keep our little deductions to ourselves.


0205 - 2167/07/06/16:53 - elevator.
CP: Where are you going, Zoa?
Zoa: I'm tagging along with you, duh. Wouldn't be allowed to use the people elevator otherwise.
CP: I don't want to interact with Lee right now.
Zoa: That's cool, you're not. I'm functioning under my own recognizance at the moment, giving Lee a little space. They're not exactly in the mood for philosophy tutoring and playful oral sex offers right now.
CP: Well, that makes two of us.
Zoa: Yeah, you and Lee have a lot in common.
CP: We absolutely do not.
Zoa: You both opted into a lifestyle that molded you into something you don't want to be, and now you're enrolled in a program that you hope will guide you into becoming something better. You both use Therapro Psyhealth because you're emotionally unstable. Heck, you're both twenty-nine, which makes you tied for oldest students in Mezzer Twofeather's class.
CP: ...Why do you know how old I am?
Zoa: Eh, some of your components chatter. It was that or cut you down and count the rings.