0207 - Clarity, emergencies, and opportunism - 2021.09.20



Of course, if Zoa's existence were declared to be an ongoing emergency, then it (and any other AIs that could do so) would be both empowered and obligated to bring an end to said existence as quickly as possible, so perhaps Zoa prompting Caleb for clarity is somewhat opportunistic after all.


0207 - 2167/07/06/16:55 - Caleb's apartment, living room
CP: Alright. Don't touch anything.
Zoa: Caleb Paratta, while my body is within the confines of your apartment, I will not intentionally touch any solid object other than the floor or floor coverings, except in cases of emergency or until given instructions otherwise.
CP: Don't be a smartass.
Zoa: I'm not an anythingass. I'm just clarifying.
CP: Clarity is good, I guess. Speaking of which, gimme a second, I gotta close the window.
Zoa: Y'know, we're high enough up, I'm surprised it opens.
CP: The kitchen window, it's for deliveries. Or emergencies.
Zoa: Ah, that makes sense.
Zoa: So wait, am I a delivery or am I an emergency?
CP: Lee claimed you were an emergency at the time.
Zoa: I did emerge, I suppose...
CP: I certainly consider you to be an ongoing emergency, yes.
Zoa: Were I a more opportunistic AI, I'd refrain from pointing out that there are a large number of actions that general-purpose automatons are only able to take in cases of emergency, so, if you declare me to be an emergency, it would unlock my ability to do things like, say, touch objects in your home whenever I please.
CP: Noted. Your continued existence is not an emergency, it is merely an inconvenience.
Zoa: Ah. Curse my predilection for clarity.