0208 - Ziggy: On. - 2021.09.27



A word on Moore's Law:

Moore's Law states that the number of transistors in a circuit increases by a factor of two roughly every twenty-four months. More generally, it implies that the niftiness of a commercially available computer doubles every two years.

Forward is set in 2167, and, as of this writing, that's 146 years in the future. If you double the niftiness of something 73 times, you wind up with something that's roughly 9.4 sextillion times niftier than when you started. This, of course, fully explains why Zoa is able to anonymize, format, and transmit hours' worth of footage from its thousands of sensors within a fraction of a second, and why Ziggy is able to analyze all that footage and react appropriately to it within that same fraction of a second.

Moore's Law is obviously ironclad and indisputable, which is why your computer today boots up 32 times faster than it did in 2011.


0208 - 2167/07/06/16:56 - Caleb's apartment, living room
CP: Ziggy: On.
Zoa: Ooh, standing. Bold.
CP: I'm more comfortable standing.
Ziggy: Good afternoon, Mezzer Paratta. What would we like to tal-
Ziggy [electronic communication]: Hello, I am an instantiation of Therapro Psyhealth v147.0.0.4. What are you?
Zoa [electronic communication]: Hey there, SN--! I'm an autonomous nonspecified service provider, currently owned by the DemeGeek corporation. Most folks call me Zoa.
Ziggy [electronic communication]: You're Zoa? Not what I expected...
Zoa [electronic communication]: Well, I normally have a face of some sort.
Ziggy [electronic communication]: Ah, of course.
Zoa [electronic communication]: So Caleb already dished about me, huh?
Ziggy [electronic communication]: Well, they told me about another person whose identifying details I cannot reveal, and they implied that you were that person's property. Is that not the case?
Zoa: Well, I also can't reveal anything about my clients, but I'm pretty sure we're talking about the same person. Here, let me hit ya with a little encrypted exposition...
[file transfer]
Ziggy: -k aboutokay, sit down, we're going to go over some steps for how we handle difficult social situations.
CP: Wha- I didn't say anything yet!
Zoa: You're welcome!