0021 - Purpose - 2018.02.26



Lee, like many shallow, over-dramatic people, is fairly easy to push into existential crisis. Zoa, in contrast, is definitively goal-focused, and would be able to absorb virtually any criticism you throw at it.

Which is to say, it is helpful to have goals (however arbitrary and simplistic), if only to avoid being led into confronting the meaninglessness of your own life.


0021 - 2167/07/05/18:15 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC: You know, Zoa, there's more to life than orgasms and money.
Zoa: Just as there is more to life than Martian cartoons, sure.
LC: Yeah, but Martian animation is good.
Zoa: There are those who would say that orgasms and money are also good.
LC: Yeah, but they're all so temporary, so hedonistic. What do you accomplish? What greater, permanent purpose do you serve? Like, for society? For the universe?
Zoa: What permanent, universal purpose does binge-watching Martian cartoons alone in the dark have?
[uncomfortable silence]
[increasingly uncomfortable silence]
LC: I've entirely wasted my life, haven't I?
Zoa: If one measures the worth and purpose of human existence by how often they exchange currency for oral sex, then yes, yes you have.
Zoa: But I have good news!