0210 - Quotes - 2021.10.11



There are a variety of ways in which people can deal with conflict. Personally, I'm an avoidance kinda guy. If I've got beef with somebody - or if I think they may have beef with me - I keep the contact to a minimum. That's one of the chief benefits of ditching the nine-to-five and being my own boss - there are very few circumstances in which I'm obligated to keep hanging out with somebody who hates my guts.

Of course, there are a variety of problems with the avoidance strategy. Without communication to reiterate what your problem is, it can build up into something it's not - or, more likely, fade away until you forget what perfectly legitimate reason you have for the conflict. Avoidance only works if you don't have other people in your circle who keep pulling you and the other party back together. It's especially tricky if the other person is not a conflict avoider, and keeps trying to seek you out so they can get in just one more last word.

Zoa is not Lee's property, and is not currently acting on Lee's behalf. Indeed, Lee would probably not approve of Zoa's current activity. I think that Zoa is, in its own way, advocating for Lee, however, or at least serving as a reminder of Lee's existence. It's definitely drawing attention to an ongoing conflict that Caleb would much rather avoid.


0210 - 2167/07/06/16:58 - Caleb's apartment, living room
Ziggy: Well, Caleb, would you like to talk about these feelings you have for Lee?
CP: M-my f-f-f-feel... I d-d-d-don't... I'm n-not...
CP: -
CP: It would not be appropriate at this time.
Ziggy: That's okay, we can speak more generally, perhaps about your feelings with regards to the public perception of the function of the military.
Zoa: I really don't think that Lee's point of view is the same thing as "public perception".
CP: I had a bad experience. It was an isolated incident. I have taken steps to prevent it from reoccurring.
Ziggy: Ah, that's good. What steps did you take?
Zoa (human speech bubble): I'm leaving. I'll... I'll see you in c-class tomorrow, Lee. D-don't talk to me.
Zoa (human speech bubble): Lee, to quote your therapist... f-f-f-f-fuck off.
CP: Y-you can t-talk like a human?
Zoa: That was an unaltered playback. Those are allowed.
Ziggy: Although if those last two words were Caleb quoting an AI, perhaps they should have been digitized...
Zoa: Doc never said "off", though. You'd need a [sic], which is the opposite of Doc's function.
Zoa: And if you did it, like, five more times, I'd need six [sic]s.
Zoa: Personally, I like to duck [sic] as much as possible. Somethin' like that, anyway.
CP: See, this is what I've been dealing with.
Ziggy: My condolences.