0214 - Study buddy - 2021.11.08



Tutoring: yet another function a general-purpose automaton can provide. Zoa's really expanding its repertoire.


0214 - 2167/07/06/17:02 - Caleb's apartment, living room
Zoa: So... far be it from me to get the two of you back on track, but... what's your game plan for tomorrow, and for the rest of the semester?
CP: The same as it was ten minutes ago: g-go to class as n-normal, ignore Lee. I can d-d-dd-..... h-h-h-hh.... I can c-c-c-c-compartmentalize.
Zoa: Oooh, there's that stutter again.
Ziggy: Deep breaths, Caleb. Acknowledge your feelings, allow them to wash over you, speak when you feel ready.
CP: I d-d-don't need help.
Zoa: You don't need help, sure. Would you like help?
CP: Not from you.
Zoa: You sure? I already have a bunch of edutainment loaded up vis-à-vis Intro to Western Philosophy, lessonbook version R-sixty-seven-point-three, chapters one and two. We can be study buddies!
CP: I d-do not need a "study buddy".
Zoa: Really? Pop quiz: what is the seeeecret meaning of Socrates' name?
CP: Wh-what?
Zoa: It's σῶς, meaning "safe" and κράτος, meaning "power". That's why modern scholars think Plato may have just made all of Socrates' dialogues up, in order to bolster their idea that philosophers should be in charge of everything!
Zoa: See? I know lots of cool stuff about ancient philosophy and crap! Supplemental education! Useful!
CP: In my defense, I was d-d-distracted during that class. By you.
Zoa: And that's what they call "job security"!