0022 - In which Lee is garbage - 2018.03.05



To call something - or someone - "garbage" is not necessarily a statement of value. I once accidentally threw out a hundred dollar bill. That hundred dollar bill isn't garbage because I didn't value it, it's garbage because I made the mistake of sorting it into the wrong container.

Which is, perhaps, why Kids Today so often refer to themselves as "trash". It's not necessarily a statement of self-degradation so much as it is a statement of intent. I am trash - regardless of my inherent value, I will, eventually, be thrown away.


0022 - 2167/07/05/18:15 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC: I've wasted my liiiife, I'm the worrrrst. I'm garbaaaage.
Zoa: Lee Caldavera, you have - however briefly - done me the favour of talking to me like I'm a person. I don't get that very often. Please, permit me to return the favour by talking to you like you're an object.
LC: O- okay.
Zoa: Who's your owner?
LC: What?
Zoa: Who owns you? What government, corporation, or person has legal ownership of your body and mind?
LC: Uhhh... I don't really have an owner.
Zoa: Then yes. You are garbage.
LC: I am?
Zoa: Well, garbage or natural resources. Same thing.