0221 - Introductions. - 2021.12.27



I'm sure it's fine.


0221 - 2167/07/06/17:09 - Lee's apartment, living room
Doc: Alright: things to know in modern society. Let's start with introducing yourself to people.
LC: Right. "Hi, I'm Lee Caldavera."
Doc: Yes, and it's important to show an interest in the other person as well.
LC: "I'm Lee Caldavera, who are you?"
Doc: As good a start as any, I suppose...
Doc: Now, regardless of someone's name, anatomy, or appearance, singular "they" and the honorific "Mezzer" are used for persons who, like yourself, have not declared a gender, or for persons whose gender you do not yet know, but other terms like "he", "she", and "xie" are still in use, especially with the elderly, and it's important to-
LC: Right, right, if someone specifies, you switch over, I'm aware of how to speak English.
Doc: And, if you're being real-time translated, languages like Japanese or Martian have additional honorifics that-
LC: I've been a barsoomaboo my whole life, Doc, I assure you, I know my kassay honorifics. Next!
Doc: Don't fuc-
LC: ...Next.
LC: Next thing.
LC (waving hand in front of Doc, which is locked up): .........Doc?